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Wanda with the late honorable Mayor David Dinkins.

The Neally Family, the brains and funding behind the brand that bring raw talent to the stage.

Musical icon Speech of Arrested Development and Wanda at an Atlanta private event.

Mrs. McKiver in 2007 at the book release celebration of her second self-published title, Beautiful

Producers' paradise, Wanda McKiver and Playwright and business woman Vy Higgensen of Mama I Wanna Sing.

Wanda at the Black Carpet in Atlanta, GA - 2014.

A quick candid with wonderful women, Wanda McKiver and a woman who often refers to our boss as her beloved, Actress Phyllis Yvonne Stickney of "How Stella Got her Groove Back", "New Jack City", "The Women of Brewsters Place", and many others.

Wanda with the 2015 cast of The Meltdown. This is a rare moment, for Wanda is usually hiding from the camera, we were so honored to capture her in this moment.

Paul Silva of Self Vision studios, the man and eye behind Wanda's earlier production trailers for the New York roll outs.

Mrs. McKiver and artist Hero Brazen, the youngest and most honored producers in today's hip hop society. He also is Wanda's first born son.

The Great American Candle Company, where Wanda McKiver holds position of Chief Executive Comptroller.

Wanda and Philanthropist, Tina Nalls, founder of Community Treasures where Mrs. McKiver is on the Board of Directors.

New Jersey's Scoobie the rapper and the late great Poet, and Activist, Amiri Baraka at Wanda's house in 2008.

The photography of Wanda McKiver. An eye which studied photography since the age of 12 years old.

RJ Wright Publishing Group, established in 2014, and acquired by Wanda McKiver in 2015

CEC of Ansonia Moss Jewelry Company, LLC.

The Black Rose Diaries self-published in 2005 and released to a waiting audience of over 400 patrons.

The poster designed by Wanda McKiver in 2011, after two previous versions for this off-Broadway sensation.

The Journey Forward, published in 2015.

Wanda working on the 2007 production of The Grandmas, released in 2007 to an audience of 248 in the Jersey City, NJ.


The 2002 open call in East Point, GA. The doors opened at 8am, with standing room only.

The 2011-2012 cast of The Meltdown's final curtain call.

The introduction to the Wisdom Tee clothing line, created and produced by Wanda McKiver with Gliden fabrics leading the way.

The Journey Forward, a journal comprised of goals that will encourage self-love, self-esteem and an attitude of trust.

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