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Wanda McKiver has become an important staple among women of all nationalities, ages and creed who has witness her strong stage productions.  She is credited for writing, directing and producing the most dramatic and thought provoking stage production in New York Times’ arena of off-Broadway productions, The Meltdown, a piece based on her book of prose poetry.

This seven-point star genius's work speak to those from all walks of life, she allows herself to become a blank slate, inviting the needs of others to enter her thought pattern in order to write and produce works designed to heal, enlighten and encourage action that will not only change the audience members, however also those around them.

Today, Mrs. McKiver is allowing other artists precious masterpieces to become a part of her catalog of stage productions, setting aside her own writings in order to bring films and other works to the stage.

As you view the website, you too will understand that this at times in her life, once was an one-woman show, and is more than most can read about, that is why often-times most will suggest to simply witness “The Wanda experience" for themselves.

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