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Here at Wanda McKiver Productions, LLC., we pride ourselves in giving our talent the most exposure that one could imagine.  Isn't it time you allowed yourself to blossom within the career you know would enhance your life?  Allow our production company comprised of experts in their field to assist you along your journey. Blossom into your full potential today!

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Here within a family that work and study hard, both of which is important to the journey forward, we take pride in being deemed pioneers in assisting talent while they take control of their future in entertainment.

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At Wanda McKiver Productions, LLC., we pride ourselves in not only being the most professional and well managed entertainment company in the business, however the most loyal to our talent's success.

We are an ever growing and fast evolving team which challenges others to do their best, not only for the business of entertainment, however the consumers who often look forward to great works.  Our staying power is unmatched by no other, therefore here we are able to offer actors and other industry talent not only to embraced their creative side, but to have the benefits of working in any other fortune 500 company in the world.  

The Chief Executive Comptroller, Wanda McKiver engages her Executive team in monthly rallies, team building exercises and new ways to develop and maintain healthy relationships that allow their talent to grown into their careers in entertainment well into retirement, for here 401K plans is not just an option, it is strongly encouraged.  In short Wanda McKiver Productions, LLC. since is the leader in brand builder, actor and other important entertainment talent is no exception.

We build and brand great leaders, and that means creating products that matter....yes, just like you.

Contact the company today to start living the life in entertainment that you imagined and not just talked about.


Your Greatest Self.


Here at Wanda McKiver Productions, being your greatest self is beneficial for the entire family, therefore we pride ourselves in living by the "The Goal is One" mantra.  We offer a wide array of resources that will aid in you being the best you can be.





Are you at a job that is funding your creative side?  Do you rush around between shifts, hoping for that lead role you are certain that you deserve?

Our team understands, as most of us started off the exact same way.  That is why the group at Wanda McKiver Productions, LLC., made the important decision to join forces. This is the change in our lives that have created positions based on passions that are fed daily.

We made a collective choice to make our passion our paycheck, thus taking control of our lives.  Now our 9-5 is doing what it is that we love, the way we like to do it, and based on a schedule that is flexible enough to have a healthy balance work and personal time.


I can't believe it!  Thank you to you and your entire team, my whole family got booked for a full feature film.  I can't wait to tell this to my family and friends, they said I couldn't do it, but we all did!  


Roger Lewis




I attended an audition for your company last year, your team was professional and very helpful.  Keep up the great work!

Samantha Jones

Wanda's love and dedication to our cause was outstanding!  Thank you for being here when we needed you

Lois Jones-Markus




I contacted Whitney Madison for a role at your production company, and was sent sides almost immediately.  Thank you! Thank you!  I didn't get the role, but I did get a happy face from Latoyra.  I will submit for more work soon.  Thank you all.


Jackie O'Dougal


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